What Are the Stockholm Pizzerias Up To?

They say Stockholm is unique. It sure is when you decide to eat out at one of the pizzerias in Stockholm. Bizarre is the word that comes to mind when you read the menu for the first time on your own. There are Oreo Pizzas and cheeseburger crusts to choose from. The Swedes have an imagination of their own when it comes to food and more importantly, pizza. Swedish pizzas are not only mouth-watering but oddly named. The toppings are something that you won’t come across anywhere else in the world.

If you would like to try something as bizarre as an Oreo Pizza, then you should definitely take some time out to see what the pizzerias in Stockholmhave to offer you. You will surely leave the pizzeria thinking about whether you read the menu right or wrong.

Why are they even trying?

The pizzerias in Stockholmtry to create a signature pizza of their own. They want to be distinguished from the pack and would like to create something unique and out of the box. The Swedes really have out done themselves again. Many people feel that there is no need to manipulate or experiment with something that is as perfect as the Pizza. But others feel that there is a freedom for everyone to create their artistic food as and how they would like. The culinary landscape in Sweden is enjoying a confused scenario. The work of preparing a good tasty dish is suddenly being over done by experimental food artists. The absurd part of it all is that these chefs end up creating something that is weird and unheard of.

The wild combinations and toppings make your pizza seem all the more mysterious. Most people aren’t very sure of what they are ordering in pizzerias in Stockholm and choose to take a risk to see if it’s worth it or not. Some, fortunately, have a good time while others aren’t so lucky.The Swedes certainly like to take a different route when it comes to their dishes. The exotica notion exists but nobody is really sure if the creation will be able to fulfil the cravings of the people coming in to eat. The pizzerias in Stockholmlove to throw in the towel and throw caution to the wind by putting together ingredients that no one would usually pair with. The Pizzas have odd names too. You will definitely come across the “Big Ben” and “Jamaica” in almost all the pizzerias in Stockholm.

So how did this experimentation start?

One can’t be quite sure as to how it all really began but some people feel that it started because the Swedes felt that they had the license to experiment. If there was any dish that popped up in one’s mind, they were open to trying. The odd names and ceremonial weirdness are something that people really like. But when it comes to eating, people are in two minds.Some people just can’t get enough of the graddost cheese that the Swedes use. Most folks prefer it instead of the usual mozzarella. The burnt smell of this Swedish cheese is enticing. For those who love junk food, the Swedish pizzas are a lovely try. The gelatinous toppings and sauces seem to go with the raisins, almonds and cashews amongst other odd items.

So, do people love it or hate it?

If you thought the Chinese put weird ingredients, then the pizzerias in Stockholm are not far behind. Some don’t understand why people play with near perfect Italian recipes but the locals sure seem to love the experiments played with the Italian food item. Even tourists don’t mind chefs playing with their pizza as long as they are served a tasty pizza which is worth their money and will fill their hungry stomachs.

Some people don’t like the idea at all and try to keep away from the pizzerias in Stockholm. It’s simple, if you don’t like raisins, don’t order a pizza with dry fruit.


At the end of it all, eating in one of the pizzerias in Stockholm should be considered to be something like that of a dare. The creative combinations can be tasty but hard to eat. It all matters on what you like. The food is good as long you like something different on your plate. The pizzerias in Stockholm are going to make sure that they serve you the most unique pizzas that you would have happened to come across sin your life.


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