Understanding the Character and Plot of GTA V

Grand Theft Auto 5 is set in the background of 2013, major game events of Los Santos and simulated in Los Angeles. This game revolves over the story of 3 main characters called Michael De Santa, Trevor Philips and Franklin Clinton. Plot of Grand Theft Auto V is linked to the earlier part. This game takes place around 5 years after events of GTA IV, and 4 years after events of GTA: Chinatown Wars. And Michael is the retired bank robber and after the agreement with FIB, he comes back to his life as a criminal.

About All the Characters

Around 10 years before events of Grand Theft Auto V, 3 close friends as three desperate thieves risked stealing the bank near US-Canadian border. However, on their runway, 2 robbers got knocked down. Lucky one being Trevor and Michael has got 2 friends & co-workers are Franklin and Trevor. Trevor is best friend, being highly intelligent but with the strange, eccentric and erratic character. Franklin, young man who will drive supercar but hasn’t had much of experience in life of underworld

Additionally, Gta v android version also has appearance of other characters: she is Amanda De Santa, the wife of Michael; Tracey De Santa and Jimmy De Santa – both are son of Michael; and Lamar Davis, dear friend of Franklin; Jakowski Ron, Trevor’s friend; as well as Lester Crest, leader and “masters” of three characters.

GTA 5 Gameplay on Mobile

Grand Theft Auto 5, it will be flawed in case you didn’t mention cars in this game. GTA V has actually grown with many machines than earlier version of the GTA. Vehicles are highly improved, all along with addition of the physical effects like in the real life. From money you earned after every mission, you also can invest in a few establishments and buying stocks. Obviously, as it is the high crime, one can totally adjust stock price, and benefiting yourself through in-game operations. Many cars are upgraded. But, upgrading and repairing of the vehicle make sense while you may go out & find better car. With an arsenal, you may improve the accessories like ammunition and silencers that will facilitate your goals.

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Additionally, it’s “Director Mode”. Just like its name, allows player to be the real “director” while it comes about arranging any scene, character (in such case “actor”), night-time effects and weather… and “Director Mode” is just like “play-by-play” game mode that players may set the scripts.

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