Can a Circular saw Work as a Table Saw?

When you try to find out the best fit tool,for your workshop, the fact may confuse you what’s better, a table saw or a circular saw. In this article , we will discuss the same so that we can help you out to reach to the correct decision.

To understand and recognize your need, please check this information below.

The choice of the right saw depends on the material you want to cut. It includes the wood type as well and also the place of cutting (indoor or outdoor) is a determiner of the fact. Both of them have some unique features. Let’s check them out.

Both of the saws need a power source to work. Both of them consists of a circular blade that rotates in a high speed with  electric motor. There are  only two things that has made them different from each other .

  1. Table saws are not mobile but the circular saws are.
  2. They can work almost same ,but the condition of working differs.

Let’s come to the table saw first. They are efficient in making perfect angular cuts. It resembles a table that has a blade. The big table like area helps you to cut large pieces of wood. The rest of the wood can be kept in a resting position on the surface of the table. It gives you perfect cutting of slant edges with a better speed. You can adjust the blades in the way you want. You can use it to cut in any depth. It is a long lasting tool ,but its biggest draw back is , you can’t take it any where with you as it doesn’t permit mobility.

guide rail for circular saw

Now, let’s talk about the circular saws. These are handheld saws. Often it comes with a chargable battery. Before they used to be less efficient than the table saws, however installation of guide rail to these saws has made it almost as perfect as a table saw. You can cut plastics, woods, metals and more by selecting the right style of blade.

Both circular and table saws produce good quality of debris while working. So, it’s highly recommended to put on glasses and masks while using these tools.

So, depending on the type of your work, you can get a saw to enjoy its full efficiency. Hope this article helps.

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