BitTorrent for Beginners: Get Start In Downloading the Torrents

Have you ever heard about BitTorrent, however, not very sure how to exactly use it, and wonder if you must use this at all? Here is the quick guide for the newbies to know how it works & how you can get started in downloading the torrent files.

What’s BitTorrent?

BitTorrent is the internet P2P file sharing protocol, which works in decentralized fashion. The uniqueness lies in a fact that when you download parts of the files from a person who shared the file originally, you are getting parts from the fellow downloaders just to maximize the data exchange.

The Pirate Bay Proxy is the commonly used file sharing protocols to transfer large files as it does not overload the web servers, which provide downloads—as everyone is both sending & receiving, it is more efficient than everyone downloading from the single server.

How Does BitTorrent Work?

In order, to understand how it works, take a close look at its detailing process: After initial transfer from seed, these pieces are transferred individually from one client to another. Original seeder just has to send one copy of their file for the clients to get a copy. In order, to stop animation, just click on browser’s Stop or you can hit ESC key.”


“Indexer” is the website that compiles the list of torrents & descriptions as well as is the place where the users form community (with some rules!) over BitTorrent content.  Whenever you would like to share, download, and request the files, indexer’s community is a place to go.  These generally take a form of the forum or IRC channel.

Pirate Bay Proxy


“Tracker” is the server that helps in directing the peers, and initiate downloads or maintain statistics. As most of the indexers have got their private tracker, many people refer both as the trackers.  Here, we will use this general definition in order to avoid any confusion at whatever you might find yourself on internet.

The trackers route small pieces of data, and packets, to the downloaders and helps them in linking to the fellow peers—when you download huge chunks of files, also you upload it to other people servers who have various chunks of file, and as everyone’s sharing with one another when downloading, this tends to zip quickly.

Seeders & Leechers

When you are done downloading, you will become “seeder” and continue to upload onto other peers. Suppose you disable your uploading and just download, you are referred as “leecher,” and apart from the ethical misgivings it will lead to getting banned from tracker.

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