A complete review of a mini fridge

If you want a proper review of a mini fridge, then read this article top to bottom.

A mini fridge is very quiet, I sleep less than 2 meters from the device hear just a very slight purr, not a disturbing anyway, organized and functional, cooled very quickly. Click here to know about cooluli mini fridge.

We bought this fridge to store drugs between 4 and 8 ° and it is perfect to keep the temperature. The thermostat is not hyperlogic: max => hot so you have to put it on min to get 5 °. Visit this site to know about cooluli mini fridge.

The device does the job perfectly but you have to be careful to keep it permanently loaded or put a few books on it indeed being quite light it tends to move when you open the door.

When you have a small set up

Having a small kitchen that does not allow us to eat there, we take foods  in the dining room, and we had to make the frequent return to the fridge of the kitchen because it is always missing something. So we installed this mini fridge next to our table, its design fits perfectly and allow us to have everything at hand without moving. Moreover, he is very quiet.

cooluli mini fridge

Comments from customers who have already bought

-A good surprise

-Good value for money/performance

-Very happy with my purchases of great items and fast and neat delivery

Super mini fridge it was very helpful and efficient for my husband during his knee rehabilitation period. We put it in his room and filled with his yogurts, this mini part fulfilled its role perfectly.

Used to keep baby bottles cool on the floor of the house so you do not have to go downstairs at night. The dimensions of this mini refrigerator make it easy to fit even in small spaces. For my part, it took a seat in a bathroom. From an acoustic point of view, it is excluded to install it in a room. Maybe by installing it in a closet, well caulked, the sound level would be if not removed, reduced? It is effective and keeps the baby bottles cool. Attention, impossible to accommodate large bottles. But cans, baby bottles, fruit, can be stored without a problem. The interior is lit properly, and there is a shelf (removable) and a door cans in the door. It’s simple, rather well done, and it works well, for less than 100 €.

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